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Celebrity Biorhythms

How do you spot a true friend? That's a tough challenge in everyday life – and immeasurably harder in the fickle world of showbiz. Nevertheless many showbiz friendships have stood the test of time. Take Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. On the face of it they seem an unlikely couple – two celebrities from different generations who share wealth, fame, and a string of personal tragedies. We assume they are drawn together by a mutual love of stardom. And when Elizabeth Taylor married her last husband, Larry Fortensky, at Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch, some of us would have seen the event as a joint act of self publicity. But relationships are much more than surface gloss. At Free-Biorhythms we go deeper – to the underlying compatibility determined by our biorhythms. In this case, biorhythms theory tells us that Michael and Elizabeth are destined to remain firm and supportive friends for life. Their compatibility chart may reveal intriguing differences in other areas of their lives but, in the crucial area of friendship, their compatibility is outstanding – their relationship, resolute. And right now, Michael Jackson needs his friends more than ever before. What about Michael's Jackson’s friendship with the fork-bending Uri Geller? Once again it pays to look at the underlying compatibility. The truth is, this celebrity couple are complete opposites in every way. At the best of times their mismatched ‘friendship’ causes distress and embarrassment. In times of need, it can be soul-destroying. The relationship caused a good deal of embarrassment to Uri Geller when he sent cosmic birthday messages to Michael from the Australian Jungle during ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’. It turned out that Michael Jackson’s birthday was the following day – his powers were brought into ridicule unknowingly by his friend, Michael Jackson. The most recent twist in the story is that Uri Geller is reported to have said that he was not sure if Michael was completely innocent. Some friend! Free-Biorhythms shows you how to identify your best friends. You may well think you know who they are already – but has that friendship ever been tested to the limit? Only biorhythmic compatibility can tell you who will be there for you when the going really gets tough.