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Love Match

What is love?

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A journey into the unknown Everyone has an opinion on love

but few are brave enough to define it. This universal and apparently inconsistent emotion seems almost incapable of definition. A definition of love is: The affinity experienced between two people who are naturally able and willing to tune into one another's emotional


and physical states - and respond to them in a nurturing and a stimulating way. It's a mouthful that demands explanation. What is it that makes us 'willing' and 'naturally able' to love? Let's start at the beginning - at the moment when someone new turns us on. Being 'turned on' is the immediate reason why we become willing to love someone. It's our response to their observable qualities. But now we're on a journey into the unknown. The person that we think we see in front of us could well be a million miles from the person we are about to get involved with. We may walk in willing

but there's no guarantee that we'll end up loving. The problem is that compatibility

the key ingredient for a long term successful relationship

lies hidden from view. If we could choose compatible partners by their outer characteristics

few relationships would fail.

Time will tell

We think we can spot compatibility

but the factors that govern compatibility are far too complex to be revealed by a simple intellectual assessment. In fact our intellectual abilities may well be a hindrance to partner-selection. In a love relationship

we interact in ways that our intellect can't decipher. Only time reveals the truth. It's then that we face the crunch: is this the person we want to spend the rest of our life with; or is this the person we never want to see again? Is this someone whom we are naturally able to love; or is this someone from another planet? What time reveals is biorhythmic compatibility

the hidden compatibility that's built into our physiology. You can't see it

sense it

smell it

or feel it; but it's there alright; performing a far more profound type of partner-selection through our biorhythms. Biorhythmic compatibility is the underlying compatibility that makes both parties 'naturally able' to love. It surfaces long after we find ourselves willing to love.

Science and love


there has only been one way to find out if two people are 'naturally able' to love each other. They've had to put their relationship through the potentially heart-breaking test of time. But now they can use science. They can use Free-Biorhythms to identify compatible partners from the outset. The good news is that each and every one of us has an equal number of potential biorhythmic love partners. Instead of pursuing potential partners at random (those who merely seem like the person you'd love to love)

perhaps it's time to choose them on the basis of genuine compatibility. With Free-Biorhythms

you could find yourself 'willing' and 'naturally able' to love from the outset.